Wednesday, April 3, 2013


February 2013

This time we stayed at La Carmela de Boracay Beach Hotel located at Station 3 and got the Deluxe Room at the executive wing. An ok budget hotel although its a bit far from all the happenings, parties, D' Mall, and the beach of station 1. It lacks toiletries although I think that is ok for a typical budget hotel. For beach towels, they have  a P50 fee. A P2,000 deposit is mandatory upon check in that will be given back upon check out. 

Oh Wow! experiencing sunset in Boracay is just amazing, the white sand, the sand castles at night and of course you have to meet "SAM" the dog who plays skim-boarding and freebie. He also wears sunglasses all the time.

Last time, I did parasailing, zorb, flyfish and ATV. Now I again did ATV where we were able to see a mini zoo upon going up the hill to see the full view of the beach. I also did parasailing again. The new activities that I tried were helmet diving, where they put a 30kilos helmet on your head upon going under water for about 20 feet to see different kinds of fishes. The helmet doesn't allow water to come inside the helmet because of the oxygen. The most relaxing activity was The sailing or what they call "parau" is where you sit at the wings of a sail boat while sailing during sunset. 

In Boracay all I can say is SEAFOODS! SEAFOODS! SEAFOODS!. :) Well of course there are still a lot of meat. ONE BAR CAFE have a great way to serve your drinks because they put it in a zip lock thick plastic where splashes of salt water and sands are prohibited to be in it. Of course don't forget to go to I LOVE BACKYARD BBQ, they have the best Pork Belly ever. Please do go to REAL CAFE also at station 1 where they bake fresh CALAMANSI MUFFINS- awesome delight to take home to your family. 

So, me and my friends were looking around to eat cheap sea foods because sea foods in Boracay is a bit pricey. Upon looking we saw this buffet beside the beach. They only set up at night the "BORACAY SUNSET BUFFET". Oh my, they serve unlimited crabs, shrimps, oyster, mussels, liempo, pasta, veggies, pancit, rice, squid and a whole lot more and guess what? for only P295!!!!!! The best time to start eating is at 6-7pm onwards so everything is freshly cooked. With the buffet comes with unlimited Iced Tea.  How great is that! The staff were very accommodating too plus the fact that you are eating beside the beach, feet on the sand =))


Sunday, March 10, 2013


November 2012
We stayed at Red Coconut Beach Hotel located at Station 2 and got the Deluxe Room. The hotel is at the center of everything, beach front, beside the D Mall, perfect location for those who want convenience and comfort. 

The Beach
Oh My Gosh, the Beach in Boracay is like paradise. The sand is white, especially in station 1 where the sand almost melts in your hand. Every establishment is right in front of the beach from hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, massage areas, D mall, wet market- basically everything you need.  In the morning, you can swim and sunbath by the beach, do some water sport activities or just chill. Then at around 6pm, the beach transforms into a party place, or where the night life begins. Although I am not fond of drinking or partying, at night that's what Boracay is. You can also watch fire dancers at night and see band performances by the beach or have a massage by the beach.

There are a lot of water sports activities to do and Boracay but here I just tried 4. 1st up is parasailing, it is when you are put in a parachute then a speed boat pulls you as you are in the air. Amazing feeling up there although it will make you a little dizzy. 2nd is the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) where you will go to the highest peak of Boracay by a four wheel motor and see the whole island. 3rd is the Zorb, where you are put inside a big bubble ball either with water or your are tied up, your choice and then they will push the ball down a slope. The 4th activity that I did was fly fish, where you are in a big blow up boat and a speed boat will drag you so fast that sometimes makes you fall in the sea. All activities were fun and there's a whole lot more like helmet diving, jetski, sail boat, banana boat, cliff diving, island hopping, bat cave and a whole lot more.

 When you are in Boracay "DIET IS NOT AN OPTION". You will eat and eat and eat, there are so many varieties of restaurants there & everything is overwhelming. One restaurant that I really liked is the I LOVE BACKYARD BBQ at the D Mall, they have the best pork belly ever! Of course when you are in the sea, make sure to eat some fresh seafoods- lobsters, prawns, crabs, different fishes, clams, oysters and you can choose what kind of cooking you want for these seafoods. At night there are so many buffets by the beach you can choose from. The best fruit shake in Boracay is the Jonah's fruit shake located at station 1, I just don't know what they do in their fruit shakes but its like heavenly!

EXPERIENCE: I'll will always be back in this place, just perfect ! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


November 2012

Cambodia: Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom, Angkor Wat Hotel
Thailand: Bangkok, Pratunam, Renaissance Hotel

When we speak of Cambodia, one thing comes to our mind "Angkor Wat". A very old temple made thousand of years ago. Amazing structure, being there was like time traveling going back to that era. Seeing that kind of wonderful structure and learning about the history was one great cultural experience plus the fact that Cambodians are really nice, very hospitable and accommodating. 

Another Temple that can be somewhat interesting in Cambodia is the Ta Phrom. A very long walk going in this place. You can also see a lot of old structures as part of their history and of course this is where the movie "Tomb Raider" of Angelina Jolie was shot. 

We stayed a Royal Angkor what hotel, the management there are very accommodating even the manager of the hotel itself roams around and sees the guests are well served. They also prepared a cultural show for our group that we enjoyed. 

Since Cambodia is a poor country, their value of money is really low as you can see in the picture above but they are very rich in history and culture. Their food is somewhat the same as Vietnam, and they eat more vegetables than meat. 

After our Cambodian trip, we had a stopped over to Bangkok for a night to see the city and of course to shop. We saw Siam Center, NBK and Pratunam which are the famous shopping areas in Bangkok. Saw Tuk- Tuks which is their famous public transportation similar to the Tricycle in the Philippines. We stayed at Renaissance Hotel. 

What else can we do in a stop over to Bangkok, of course eat. I tried their street foods and of course as a promise to myself to try Mcdonalds in every country that I go to. Sadly their is no Mcdonalds in Cambodia, only in Bangkok. 

Experience: AMAZING, will definitely comeback

Thursday, August 23, 2012



August 2012

This is one of the best islands in the Philippines. If you want a getaway place that is peaceful, isolated with good food, this is the place to be. There is just so much seafood in this place with reasonable and low price that you just have to take advantage and eat everyday. On our 1st day we went to a half day city tour to see the sceneries and history of Puerto Prinsesa. Went to a seafood restaurant where you pick live seafood and they cook it after. We also went to baker's hill where you buy different Palawan bread delicacies such as casoy tarts and beside the baker's hill is a really nice park where you can take pictures. The City tour also includes their Manila bay like area, Plaza Quartel- a place where the American soldiers where killed by the Japanese during WWII, The oldest church in Palawan, Mini Market and souvenir shop. After that, the tour guide brought us to the Crocodile Farm where I held in my arm a live crocodile and carried an animal called bearcat. You will see there how they grow and take care of the crocodiles. They also have other animals there such as snakes, parrots, bearded pig, etc. At night, we went to Rizal Avenue street, all the good restaurants are there, from seafoods to grilled to burgers to puerto prinsesa delicacies. It was my first time to eat a main dish called "sizzling crocodile". It was good and yummy but heavy in the stomach. We ate at Kinabuch Restaurant. During our 2nd day since Underground River was  fully booked which sucks, we went to Honda Bay Island hopping instead where we went to 4 different islands. We enjoyed because it was sunny and the waves were not that wild. We ate at our 1st stop island which is Pandan island. We did snorkeling and fish feeding and I must say it was a good site for snorkeling, there were so many different colored fishes to see. AFter that we went to the other 3 islands and most of them are in the center of the sea. After island hopping we went back to our resort to fix ourselves then went to the only decent  mall in Palawan to look for internet hehehehe, which is Robinsons place plus I think it was the only mall there recently opened in March 2012. Then for our dinner we went again to a seafood restaurant with fresh seafoods the "Urong Rock" bar and grill. So much crabs :) Then after a very tiring day, went for a really nice Massage. Our last day was a free time so we explored our resort. By the way, we were suppose to book in Asturias or Microtel but sadly our dates were fully booked so we found a resort in an isolated area which is Hillside resort. The place was ok, very peaceful, good for retirees and people who want to unwind and isolate themselves from the city. The only propblem is it was far from everything like in the middle of the hills and forest. It will take you 30 mins to be in the city going through a forest like road. Oh! Going back to Manila, I saw the very handsome Ex Cong. Migz Zuburi hehe, he was hot. But, all in all, my experience in Palawan was great, definitely will come back for the Underground river tour and Ethnic tour. =))   

Monday, September 26, 2011


Some of the locations: La Salle College of Arts, Parch Sovereign (our hotel), Universal Studios Singapore, Presbyterian Church, Marina Bay

So, this is my 3rd time in Singapore. I'm pretty much familiar with the place so its not that very new to me. I toured my friend, almost a family member and it was her first time. Stayed at Parc Sovereign hotel, its a new hotel categorized as 4* but I think its was just a middle class one. The rooms were small but very clean. Location wise of the hotel= perfect. Near the money changer, Bugis Village, restaurants, Orchard, basically its near everywhere. Oh, its beside the La Salle School of Arts so I enjoyed the school's artistic structure :) During our stay I had my period, bad call for me but actually it wasn't that bad, I prayed and prepared my body, bombarded w/ lots of vitamins and exercise, so it pretty much did not bother me in our tour. We went to Bugis Village where cheap shopping is located, Burlington Square, SIm Lim Square where cheap gadget are located, accidentally reached Little India because we were lost for a while :), Chinatown, Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Chocolate Gallery, JC Jewelry, Resorts World at Universal Studios and I enjoyed there a lot because when you're a kid at heart, most definitely you will enjoy Universal Studios. We also spotted different hotels and checked it out. Ate at different areas and tried different kinds of food. Of course I tried their Mcdonalds, in my last travel, I promised myself I will try every Mcdonalds in every country I go to so here I did. Yey. Had fun, great time, definitely I'll come back for the 4th time.


 My first time to go to Taiwan, I really don't know much about this country before I went there, all I know is this was the home of the F4 from Meteor Garden and was was wondering if I could meet Jerry Yan or Vaness Wu. :) But then again I did not except that Taiwan would be like what I experienced. It was fun, tours was fun, people were very hospitable and friendly. Little history but now Im really a fan of Chiang Kai- Shek, how he stayed strong despite of how China isolated him, his humbleness and democratic beliefs was just inspiring. Now they are are great country. Food was great too, from side streets to restaurants, everything was delicious or at least where we ate. We tried the "carindria" type and food was awesome, then fast foods, then the Wasabi restaurant which has really awesome buffet. We also went to Taipei 101, the tallest building there and some museums where I really learned a lot. Nice place, good food, great people!


Agusan del Sur, San Franz Mindanao, friendly people, great food! From Davao, it was a five hour bus going to Agusan. We actually went there to visit Pastor Willy C. Tricycles there where different, it was bigger and there was a back  seat--cool! There were a lot of different kind of fruits. We ate a native chicken killed and cooked in front of me. Poor chicken, at first I couldn't eat it hearing its shout while it was being killed but then when I tasted it, it was really yummy. Durian fruits overload too!!